Magic and spells

Chapt.1 – Spell for love

Engrave the figure of Anubis on a bronze bowl.
Fill it with water and keep it away from the sun.
Coat the surface of the water with oil.
Place the bowl on three new bricks. Spread out four other bricks and have and have a child lie. down on his stomach on them, with his chin on the brick on which the bowl is resting. Have the child look into the oil while he has a cloth spread over his head. There must be a lighted lamp on his right hand and a cen- ser with fire on his left.
Place a leaf of the Anubis plant on the lamp and place in- cense made of frankincense, wax, styrax, turpentine, date- stone and wine rolled into a ball on the censer.

Say: Open my eyes – 4 times