The Deaconesses &
the daily grace

It is the very essence of their vocation which drew the Diaconesse of Reuilly to instigate a place of silence and ressourcement. Their mansion in Versailles is, despite the neighbouring busy train station at the core of their beliefs. It is open to the rest of the world and get different, intemporal and resplendishing with serenity. It is this choice of life which drew them to create the emptiness, surrounding them. The rules of Reuilly are a concentrate of the project:
“Even the most generous of human hearts does not have everlasting resources. By constantly expecting the lest of our self, the inner-self is dissociated and gets lost. The Word thus becomes empty. In order to regain a free outlook on daily events, one must flee and stay serene. Go then towards the hidden source of all things. Leave everything and you shall find all. Take the time to live at peace with yourself. Breath. Learn in the spiritual and physical rest the calm and slow process of germination.”