Pierrick Mouton is a visual artist, living and working in Paris, whose work explores magical thinking, worship and rituals through photography, video installation and sculpture. His practice, characterised by an interest in the documentary form and a close engagement with localities and subjects, is primarily concerned with making explicit the roles of the subject and the author. His documentary films, seemly fictional, also deal with forms of representation.
Mouton has recently exhibited at Clark House Initiative (Mumbai), Villa Belleville (Paris), Nunnery Gallery (London), Espace croisé (Roubaix). His films have been screened at the 5th International Contemporary Art Festival (Kazakhstan), Rencontres internationales (Paris – Berlin), Saison Vidéo, Languedoc-Roussillon Cinéma. His documentaries and sound creations have been broadcasted on the French Radio France Culture. He has been a resident at Clark House Initiative (Mumbai) and at Villa Belleville (Paris), both in 2018.